Phuket investment opportunities - Thailand

Phuket investment opportunities - Thailand

 Photo Phuket investment opportunities - Thailand

Thailand Real Estate and Phuket Property Investment
Phuket best property agency,
The real estate market in Thailand is constantly and booming. This market fully benefits from Thailand's economic dynamism as well as the excellent health of tourism. Billions of US dollars are being invested by the government to support this growth and attractiveness, particularly in infrastructure.
Buying a real estate in Phuket to rent out is a good placement with an attractive return on rentals from 5 to 10% per year. (Provided to invest at the right place and at the right price!) 
JFTB Thailand, with its expert team, guides you in all types of real estate investments.
Phuket property market has attracted a wave of new clients buying homes in Phuket for investment and to use as a holiday property. 

What are foreign buyers looking for when they decide to purchase a real estate or to invest in PhuketMainly 4 things: attractive prices, economic stability, incredible investment opportunities and prime location in Asia...
Recently, Phuket has seen a great expansion, and the island continues to grow rapidly.
This reality has become very attractive for anyone looking for a new investment opportunity.
In addition, Phuket is becoming one of the best places for investing in real estate, whether it’s a part-time vacation home or a vacation rental.
The future for Phuket is very bright. The area is full of opportunities and highly desired locations, and this has helped the Phuket's luxury real estate market to boom. The real estate market in Phuket offers a panel of property investment opportunities among the most interesting that you can find actually all around the world! Estate companies are expanding their investment to develop more commercial and residential projects.
Phuket is a prime tourist destinationboasting an international airport that has just doubled its traffic capacity this year, and the 'Pearl of the Andaman' continues to attract more and more tourists from all around the world and specially from China now. Prime operators have taken over the luxury villa marketing.
The completion of Phuket airport’s expansion is expected to have a great effect on resort property sales.The strong tourist attraction for the island of Phuket gives to the property market a large rental potential, guaranteeing a great investment returns for investors and owners.
About Real Estate in Phuket: The Pearl of the Andaman is Thailand's second largest city next to Bangkok where is the value of land rises every year.
The property market in Phuket has yet to peak and unlike other desired destinations throughout the world there is still enormous potential for investment. Developers continue to build lavish resorts and oceanfront estates to cater to demand, while with a protected environment building policy, the majestic scenery which adds priceless value, is maintained.
Phuket has seen its property market grow up as the same time as its tourist activity during the last ten years, rising the property prices in recently but the market remains very affordable compared with Europe or US and keeps a high growth potential for the future .
If the most luxurious villas in Phuket are negotiate from 1.5 million USD, with a budget of USD 200,000 you can have a villa with 2/3 bedrooms for about  200,000 USD and an apartment for 80,000 USD. On the whole island of Phuket, you can make some investment in programs of apartments (condominiums) designed as real investment products and offering mostly of rental guarantees around 7% over during 5 to 7 years.
 Internationally well known developers animate a highly dynamic real estate market with quality projects that fit into the tropical landscape of Phuket through legislation that protects the coast and limit the height of buildings.
Besides the beautiful beaches, the nice weather, the amazing quality of life and the low cost of living, Phuket Island is one of the most prosperous location of Asia
Also Phuket, the richest province of Thailand still remain the first tourism destination in Asia. More than 8 million of tourists in 2013, and excellent prospects for the next years, rental returns of Phuket properties remain high. And the island go on to develop its infrastructure which already offers excellent international schools and hospitals.
Phuket also offers a variety of activities like boating, diving, golfing, party, shopping and of course relaxing. The 7 international golf courses rivaling beautiful scenery and views of the Andaman Sea make the island a paradise. Phuket offers for visitors and residents the pleasure of wonderful landscapes on the island itself , many of surrounding islands (Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, James Bond Island...)
The island of Phuket is considered by experts as a relatively safety place for property investment including significant long-term returns.
But you must be selective to optimize this investment and privileging some criteria such: the location, the quality of building, the size of the development, the design, the accessibility, the environments and the most important is the professionalism of the developer. 
All those elements are important to achieve a great investment in property.
This short brief overview will probably make you understand why the property market in Phuket annually appreciates significantly and that it should continue... 
At JFTB Real Estate, most of our customers are looking to buy a property in Phuket for the first time and doesn't know the different processes to follow and real estate laws in Thailand.

If you are interested to purchase a property in Thailand, you must at first to define your center of interest

-Looking to buy a property as an investment.

If you are looking to have the highest return on investment, our agency has a team specializing in the best new real estate projects in Phuket which generally offer a guaranteed rental yield ranging from 5 to 10% over a period of 3 to 5 years.

-Looking to buy a property both as a holiday home and investment

For buyers who wish to be able to enjoy their home in Thailand for the vacation and also have a rental yield, they can benefit from rental management programs managed by the developers or use the services of a third-party rental management company. .

In both cases, this facilitates and secures their investment because the owners do not have to take care of the rental management of their property.

-Purchase a home for living or for retirement

Due to its superb quality of life, its magnificent climate and its low cost of living, its medical and educational infrastructures of high standards,Thailand is a prime destination and if you who wish to live in Thailand, buying a property is an option to consider.

Contact our trusted realtor team who will be happy to guide you and give you all the information to take the right decisions to realize your real estate project. Our company is specialized in the Rentals, Sales and Investment in Thailand Residential Real Estate and also Business Property in PhuketJFTB Thailand is a Hunter of propertiesLooking for a realty in Phuket ? Our local realtors will help you to find it! Phuket buy Land  --  Thailand best realtors

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