Invest in Phuket, Thailand and find the best property investment opportunities

Invest in Phuket, Thailand and find the best property investment opportunities

 Photo Invest in Phuket, Thailand and find the best property investment opportunities
Business and Investment Opportunities in Thailand
Phuket go on drawing with investors who are attracted by the marvelous picture of the Pearl of the Andaman Sea and who are looking for a holiday homes or a "Pied a terre" abroad. 
Phuket is Thailand's second largest place next to Bangkok where is the value of land rises year after year. The real estate market in Phuket has yet to peak and unlike other desired destinations throughout the world there is still huge potential for investment. Developers continue to build lavish resorts and oceanfront estates to cater to demand, while with a protected environment building policy, the majestic scenery which adds priceless value, is maintained.
Phuket has seen its property market grow up as the same time as its tourist activity during the last ten years, rising the property prices in recently but the market remains very affordable compared with China, Europe or US and keeps a high growth potential for the future .
Phuket Property market is conducted mainly by tourism while the luxury real estate is dominated by Asian and Indian buyers.
Traditionally, the high season for house, villa, apartment and condo sales are recorded in the fourth quarter, in the high season and the high return on rentals, push the real estate market up. But never forget, a wise investment always looks forward to what and how much it can return back.
Phuket Real Estate Investment is a very good choice while the tourism in the Pearl of the South is growing fast. With the increasing number of tourists who prefer to rent a private than hotels, a property investment in Phuket can be a good source of rental incomings.
 Phuket properties has attracted a wave of new clients buying properties in Phuket for investment and to enjoy as a holiday Home
Buying a Property in Phuket to rent out is a good placement with an attractive return on rentals from 5 to 10% per year. Provided you to invest at the right place ! JFTB Andaman Real Estate guides you in all types of real estate investments. Our company is considered as one of the Thailand leading trusted realtor. 
Visa and Residence: you can get 1 year visa, renewable indefinitely, by investing at least 10 million THB in a condo. You can also qualify though buying stocks in Thailand, bonds, mutual funds, or a combination of any of those assets.
You can contact our team to know more about Thailand Real Estate and Phuket Property Investment or you can also consult this article about the about the Phuket average prices: phuket-property-prices-per-square-meter-in-2016.

If you are looking to invest in Thailand real estate, Have a look on our selected listings of Phuket estates for investment

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