Thailand - Phuket guide -The Pearl of the Andaman

Thailand - Phuket guide -The Pearl of the Andaman

 Photo Thailand - Phuket guide -The Pearl of the Andaman

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Guide of the island of Phuket in Thailand

Phuket is ranked 6th in the world's Top destinations and 2nd in Asia according to TripAdvisor: tripAdvisor/Travelers-Destinations-cTop
Where to stay in Phuket? This guide is to help you to discover the "Pearl of The Andaman" and its living environment.
Buy a Phuket property, it is initially find the perfect place to live and the best place to stay in "The Pearl of the Andaman", the one that matches your lifestyle and your expectations.
"Phuket" is well and internationally known, offering a vast array of natural attractions with the world's best dive sites located in the world, world class golf courses, ports and nightlife entertainment.
Apart from the advantages of the land is a convenient hub to the world and visited by tourists. Phuket also offers a convenient location and modern infrastructure. That is the reason why Phuket is one of the top destinations in the world where many people want to go.
Phuket is Asia's most popular destination for several years.
Phuket is blessed with a beautiful year-round climate, providing unspoiled, idyllic cruising and yachting conditions in a tropical paradise containing of hundreds of islands in the Andaman Sea.
For boating lovers Phuket offers first addresses and facilities to support your lifestyle.

The Real Estate Market in Phuket is Thailand's second largest market after Bangkok where the value of land rises every year. The Phuket Real Estate market has yet to peak and there is still important potential for investment. Developers continue to build lavish resorts and beachfront properties to cater to the demand, while with a protected environment building policy, the majestic scenery which adds priceless value, is maintained.
Phuket or as we say in Thai " ภูเก็ต ”! Phuket is famous for international tourism and leisure activities. 
Our realtors covers the Thailand property market in all the major towns and cities of Phuket such as KamalaPatongKathuBang TaoChalongKataRawai, Cherngtalay, Surin, Phuket Town and all the Island.

Map of Phuket and different locations

-Bang Tao is a large open bay with one of Phuket's longest beaches.
-Cape Yamu is a quite and beautiful corner of Phuket. The cape just out in to Phang-Nga Bay forming the northern edge to Sapam Bay.
-Chalong is a centre for many of the resident expats on the island.
-Cherngtalay is a small city and connecting the popular beach areas of Surin and Bang Tao
-Kalim is one of the beach impressive south-western Phuket beaches.
-Kamala provides a heaven for those who prefer the quieter life
-Karon is a lovely small city in which visitors can find a good choice of dining, shopping and nightlife entertainment.
-Kata is an all round favorite duo to it's spectacular palm-lined beach , great restaurants lovely but not raucous nightlife.
-Kathu is a located in the center of the island and is a very popular for expats
-Layan:  Layan beach is still a small, beautiful, very quiet area and have many luxurious here, specially about real estate.
-Mai Khao is still very quiet and has the longest beaches about 11 km.
-Nai Thon is a beautiful stretch of sand that has been overlooked by luxury resort developments. 
-Nai Yang is very popular with Thai locals and keeps the Thai mind. Fringed with casuarina trees providing picnic areas for locals.
-Nai Harn is a spotless beach, tucked between grassy hill and tiny island and popular among expats and locals. Nai Harn Beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches all over the world
-Paklok is located near the Heroines Monument , is littered with prominent developments as marinas, golf courses, luxury villas...
-Patong is the most famous beach resort. With it's wide variety of activities and nightlife. 
-Phang Nga is a coastal province on the Andaman Sea with scenic forests and islands
-Phuket Town or Phuket City features an exciting mix of old and new , simple and sophisticated, peaceful and pulsating, the administrative capital of Phuket
-Rawai: The major attraction in Rawai must be Promthep Cape which is a famous for it's romantic and spectacular sunsets.
-Surin is known as '' Millionaire's Row '' due the top - end celebrity haunts amongst the luxury resorts there. 
-Thalang near to the main highway which crosses Phuket from north to south is ideal for those looking for a place which is centralized and easily accessible.
-Yamu is on the east side of Phuket, very quiet and beautiful area with luxury resorts and properties.

Phuket has something for everyone! The island has incredibly beautiful and varied landscapes: the turquoise blue sea, fine sand long beaches, bays, mountains covered with forests, lagoons, all with lush vegetation. The natural hospitality of Thais make Phuket a destination of dreams and brought tourists from around the world since the early 80s. Phuket, nicknamed "The Pearl of South" or "The Pearl of the Andaman", is located on the southwest coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.

Phuket is the largest island of Thailand with an area of about 550 km2 (50 km from north to south and 20 km from east to west).
This island has the distinction of being connected to the mainland by a bridge"the Sarasin Bridge"located at the north of Phuket.
The majority of the population is Buddhist,
The most touristic part of Phuket is Patong with its shopping and nightlife.
The most popular beaches on the island are Patong, Kata, Karon, Nai Harn and Bang Tao.
By boat you can easily go to visit the surrounding islands such as Kho Phi Phi, Kho Lanta, Racha Island,James Bond Island, Krabi ....
Bangkok and Singapore are only at 1 hour flight. It is also the largest island and the richest of Thailand.
It is divided into 3 districts (Amphoe): Thalang in the north, Kathu at the center and Mueang Phuket at the south.The administrative capital is Phuket Town (or Phuket City)
Besides the beautiful beaches, the nice climate, the low cost of living and the amazing quality of life, Phuket is one of the most prosperous parts of Asia
Probably Phuket would continue its fairly strong housing boom in the coming years, huge projects are planned: creation of new marinas, Project of casinos, tramway project...The province continues to develop its infrastructure with excellent international schools and hospitals. The international airport has just doubled its capacity can accommodate a traffic of 16 million tourists a year and is expected to have a positive effect on the real estate market.
Phuket also offers a variety of activities, the most popular of which are diving, golfing, and of course relaxing. The seven golf courses rivaling beautiful scenery and views of the Andaman Sea make the island a paradise for golfers. As for the beauty of the seabed, it attracts diving enthusiasts worldwide.  
However, the Thai government appears to be hearing about ecological arguments.
Phuket is not one of the first global destination by lucky, The pearl of the Andaman Sea combines beauty and charm with high level infrastructure (roads, hospitals. golf courses, marinas, hotels, airport, services ...). Phuket is a paradise with cultural traditions where the nature is preserved.
Everyone will find something special and an unique vibration with a sense of freedom and well being ...
Its ideally geographical position makes Phuket the starting point for exploring the south of Thailand whether by air, by sea or by road.
Phuket is also ideally localized in Asia to become the first seaside resort.
Incredible as it may seem, and despite its tourist development, much of the island remains covered by vegetation.
Welcome in Phuket, this paradise will charm you, whatever your expectations and criteria.

The reasons that make Phuket an attractive location for your permanent base, for a Holiday home, for Real estate investments or a place to enjoy your retirement.

Phuket is the first tourist island in Asia and extraordinary natural beauty including idyllic beaches, fabulous diving, first class hotels, massage parlors, beautiful golf courses, marinas, a plethora of restaurants, lively nightlife and excellent shopping.

Phuket is one of the real estate markets in the fastest growing in the world with a growing number of high quality projects designed by internationally renowned developers. Planning laws environmentally and height restrictions ensure sober and moderate density housing developments.
Phuket is the wealthiest province in Thailand and its crown jewel of the tourism industry, therefore, it receives a high level of protection and investment from the central government in Bangkok.
The cost of living in Phuket is very low compared to Europe or other premium resorts area.
The lure of Phuket is so strong that it was one of the only places in Asia, which was not touched by the Asian economic crisis in 1995 .
Property values also remained attractive after the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, even if Phuket was strongly touch by Rental yields of condos and villas continue to remain high as more and more vacationers are choosing for the privacy of a rental home rather than a hotel room. With forecast to exceed 15 million visitors in 2019, the market of holiday rentals in Phuket demand will continue to grow.
The infrastructure and services continue to improve at a rapid pace. With international standard hospitals in the island, quality medical services are available at a much lower cost and abroad.
Primary and secondary education in English is available in the island with international schools.
Investing in real estate in ThailandTourist dream destination, Phuket is also of great real estate investment opportunities. Whether for a holiday "at home", prepare for your retirement or your investment with some additional income, the benefits of investing in Thailand are numerous: quality ratio very favorable price, high quality services, attractive returns a wide choice to suit all budgets and an interesting taxation.
A legal and fiscal framework favorable to landlords.
With sound macroeconomic fundamentals, a favorable legal and fiscal framework to real estate owners, good infrastructure, attractive price per m2, and good rental returns (up to 10 % per year on some residences), Phuket is a destination that attracts more and more foreign investors looking for opportunities.

Imagine going to Phuket for a beach break and feeling healthy. That thought brings a smile to most people’s faces. Why? Because going to the beach is good for us.
Imagine swimming in salt water. Research shows it’s good for your skin and body.
Imagine having a natural foot spa. Sand is a natural exfoliant. A walk along the powdery sand beach is nature’s perfect foot spa.
Imagine relaxing in Phuket. The sea breeze is good for your brain. The fresh air helps brush away stress and anxiety.
Imagine topping up on Vitamin D. Being in the sunshine your body generates more Vitamin D which is used to boost immune, lung and cardiovascular health. It helps regulate insulin and strengthen bones and teeth.
Imagine doing healthy exercise with a walk or run along the beach. Because the beach sand moves under our feet as we walk or run, we actually burn more calories than we do while walking or running on concrete.
Imagine sleeping better at the beach. The soft repetitive beach sounds of waves lapping the shore encourage deep and beneficial sleep.
Imagine tucking into tasty seafood. While you can find almost anything on a menu at a Phuket restaurant, seafood is by far the most prevalent item. And seafood is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

See you in Phuket soon!
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