Short term rental and holiday rentals in Phuket Notification

Short term rental and holiday rentals in Phuket Notification

 Photo Short term rental and holiday rentals in Phuket Notification

This notification is available for all residential Thailand Properties and for all accommodation rentals

Concerning Thailand Holiday Rentals and Phuket Short Term Rentals:

Thailand and Phuket properties on short term rental contract can not be rent out for less than 30 days if they are not registered as Hotel.
The Phuket Provincial Land Office has issued a formal warning to owners, developers and managers of condos that renting out their properties on short term rentals is a breach of the Hotel Act that may incur a fine or even jail time", This formal notice was issued last week  and sent to all registered condo projects in Phuket, Thailand.
Phuket condos and homes  must be operated as a condominium, which can be rented out only for a period minimum of 30 days and can't be rented out on a daily basis.
The official notification about Thailand Rentals

"To developers and owners of Thailand and Phuket condominiums,

There is a lot of news about condominium developers / owners renting out rooms or buildings that they have ownership of to foreigners or tourists on a daily basis (daily rental) rate that generate income as if they were a hotel (under the Hotel Act 2004).

"This type of operation is causes a public nuisance for renters in the same complex and creates unsafe places for tourists, which may lead to loss of life and property. It is not acceptable to operate an illegal hotel. The penalty for this is up to one year in jail or a fine of up to 20 000 THB or both. 

Condominium owners in Phuket caught renting out their units on a daily basis face fines and jail time if they do not register their properties as hotels.  -Rawai short term rentals  --  Rawai holiday rentals  --  Long Term Rentals in Rawai  --  Rawai villas for rent

- For landlords who has foreigners tenants: don't forget to report them at the immigration office, to avoid fine and complications. 
You have to register in order to use the online reporting. It is primarily meant to be used by hotels and etc but a few immigration offices allow individuals to register.
Here is the login page for doing it.
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