Phuket real estate professional photographer

Phuket real estate professional photographer

 Photo Phuket real estate professional photographer

 Phuket wedding & Event photographer.
Want to Sell or to Rent faster and better your Phuket property ?
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As a professional property photographer, we must have the ability to take stunning exterior photos that catch potential customer's attention from the first picture, but our company is also and at first a real estate agency, so we get the knowledge and the experience of what a real potential customer is looking for.
Real estate photography is more than just point-and-shoot picture: it is how for what makes a house a home, and a property a place for creating special feelings and memories. 
A high quality image of the exterior of a property is absolutely fundamental to achieve a real estate transaction. First impressions when people looking for property are based on the exterior photos. If customers find the exterior image attractive, they are more likely to call you or your agent for a closer inspection of the property. If exterior pictures are shot poorly (or are non existent), prospective buyers will typically pass on the property without giving it a second chance.
The first image that potential customers encounter when they take a look at a real estate listing will be an exterior shot of the home condo, or business building.
The interior photos to assist in the Rent and Sale of real estate are also very important: how to find the best angle with a wide angle and how to get a perfect interior photo with good light and good staging.
For owners, developers and realtors, drone photography and video can show all potential and with a drone shot, you could capture the entire yard in one picture. Drone technology has enabled remarkable aerial imagery of real estate for everything from high rise property to land or development . It offers also to show the environment. If a picture is worth a thousand words then video is worth one million. High quality pictures and video are more important now than ever in today’s Real Estate Market. 
Have a look on this video to see what er are able to offer you: Exclusive home in Phuket for sale.
We use only professional tools and the last technology, drone and wide angle camera for interior and exterior shooting because we know that better photography makes all the difference.
Why us?
 4K latest drone technology.
 High standard post-production.
 Steady cam.
 Ultra HD photography.
 Customized premium content.
 Interior & exterior views.
                                                                                                   Sur mesure music.                                                                                                     Dedicated scripts.
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