Rent or sale your Phuket property with JFTB Real Estate Phuket - Thailand

Rent or sale your Phuket property with JFTB Real Estate Phuket - Thailand

 Photo Rent or sale your Phuket property with JFTB Real Estate Phuket - Thailand

 Rent,Buy or Sale your property with JFTB Real Estate Thailand: Best Phuket Real Estate Agency

Selling your House or your Condo in Phuket, search for a Business, an Investment, a home or looking to Rent your property?
You'll need advice for your real estate investment from a realtor and JFTB is an Estate expert in Phuket . 
Our real estate agency in Phuket has a team of local realtors.
We provides all your Estate needs as homesHousesApartmentsVillasCondos for Rent and for Sale in Phuket and Advices.
Our estate agency is expert in Investment, Rental, Purchase and Sale of Residential Real Estate, Plots of land and Business properties in Phuket. We are able to assist in the supply of holiday rental properties as well as a range of Businesses to sell on The pearl of the Andaman. Our company gives you the bests advices and will help you to make the rights decisions for your home.
JFTB Phuket Real Estate is a Property Search Specialist, a local hunter for residential and business estates .

There are things that you can’t control in the home-selling or renting process, but you can make sure to take care of some easy repairs that would otherwise turn off prospective buyers. Look around and make sure you haven’t ignored any of these 10 renovations that can make a buyer think twice about your asking price.

Paint colors that just don’t blend in

The color of your home is one of the first things a buyer will see. If the color of your home is not neutral, you should paint it something more neutral. Most buyers don’t want to live in the only yellow house in the area.

Customers have to project their own sensibility when they visit your property.

A front door have to be attractive

The front door is one of the next things a buyer will see. Don't discourage the customer before it’s even opened. 

A busted doorbell

While you’re at it, don’t forget the doorbell! Having one that works with a friendly, crisp chime is a sign that your house has been well taken care of.

Tattered window and door screens

Customers will notice screens that look more like Swiss cheese than insect shields. You don’t necessarily have to spring for a whole new set—just grab some screen repair patches (they’re cheap) and fill in the tears.

Landscaping and area not maintained

As potential buyers drive up to your home, they’ll notice everything—the trees, the grass, the rock pathway, and the plants out front. And it matters. If your lawn is home to a half-dead tree, yellowing grass, unkempt shrubs, and a pathway swallowed by weeds, you might get more lowball offers than you anticipated.

Keep the plants trimmed and the grass freshly cut. Make sure the walkway is clear and fallen branches are removed from the lawn. A fresh layer of mulch will brighten up the outside, too.

A bad smell indoor and outdoor

Nothing can turn a buyer off faster than the stench of faded cigarettes or poorly trained pets. Of course, it’s hard for us to smell our homes after we’ve lived in them for a while, so ask friends to sniff your place. If it stinks, start cleaning.

Eerie dripping sounds

If potential buyers hear a dripping faucet or running toilet when touring the house, they might start questioning the building’s integrity or the seller’s level of care. These are quick fixes that can't be ignored.

Bad lighting

Replace harsh lights with bulbs that have a softer glow. Clean out light fixtures to get rid of dirt or dead bugs that can mute the lighting.

Squeaky hinges

Doors that groan when they open are for horror movies, not homes for sale. Grab a lubricant and grease the hinges to stop the squeak.

 An outdated kitchen

Renovating a kitchen can get real expensive, real fast. Keep it simple by adding a fresh coat of paint. Paint with neutral colors here’s and try something more inviting providing light and joy. Switch out old cabinet knobs and handles for something fresher like nickel cup pulls.

Read this article: Advices to rent or to sale your home fasterHighlight your villa or your apartment to better attract potential renters or buyers . 

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