Lands for sale in Phuket - Buy a land in Thailand

Lands for sale in Phuket - Buy a land in Thailand

 Photo Lands for sale in Phuket - Buy a land in Thailand

Information about regulations for lands for sale in Thailand  JFTB land broker

The sale of a land is not the same as the sale of residential property because there are several criteria to take care. This is the reason individuals who wish to buy or sell land, should use the services of a real estate agency specializing in this market niche.
The purchase of a land is an investment in the potential it represents and in relation to its technical and legal specifications.
JFTB Phuket Real Estate provides professional advices and takes care concerning the regulations: it is very important to know how to recognize the meanings, regulations and limitations of the different types of land titles in Thailand.
Our land brokers will allow you to buy or sell lands for all types of projects: residential development, commercial, hotel and resort...
Our range of transactions and offers range from small parcels of land for personal use to huge parcels of land that can be built and developed and our Land for Sale Listings are part of the most unique and diverse around Phuket. Find your special hunting ground with our company.

JFTB Realty has some exclusively offers of lands for sale for investors or property developers.

Foreigners are not allowed to buy land in Thailand.

Indeed, Thai laws prohibit foreigners from owning land in their own name. Nevertheless, there are alternatives for foreigners who wish to buy land.

The most common option is to set up a Thai limited liability company to own the land on your behalf.

Another option is to enter into a long-term lease with the landowner.
If you are looking to purchase some land plots in Thailandit is really important to be able to check the different types of title deedswith their meanings and regulations. 

Thai land is measured in Rai, Ngan and Wah.

1 Rai = 4 Ngan (or 1600 m2.)
1 Ngan = 100 Wah (or 400 m2.)1 Wah = 4 m2.1 Acre = 2.5 Rai 1 Hectare = 6.25 Rai 
Property building regulation in Phuket and in Thailand: Land for sale
Zone 1: Red color 
- 0 to 50 meters from the sea shore measured at high tide.
- No Building / Construction within the first 20 meters from the coastal border (normally the boundary on the land title deed)
- Building Height AGL (Above Ground Level): maximum 6 meters for residential project.
- Building Height is maximum 5 meters for industrial project.
- Building Area coverage: maximum 25% for residential.
- Building Area coverage: maximum 60% for industrial.

Zone 2: Yellow color
- 0 to 150 meters from the boundary of Zone 1.
- Building Height: maximum 12 meters.
- Building Area coverage: maximum 70% for residential.
- Building Area coverage: maximum 90% for commercial.

Zone 3: Blue Color
- 0 to 200 meters from the boundary of Zone 2.
- Building Height: maximum 16 meters.
- Building Area coverage: maximum 70% for residential.
- Building Area coverage: maximum 90% for commercial.

Zone 4: Pink color  (Phuket Municipality)
- Building Height: maximum 12 meters for the "Old Town" Sino-Portuguese style. Building Area coverage = maximum 84% or 70% is the style is different from the Sino Portuguese style.
- Building height: maximum 45 meters for "High density area". Building area coverage: maximum 70%
- Building height: maximum 60 meters for "Very high density area". Building area coverage: maximum 70%

Zone 5: Light green color
- Building Height: maximum 6 or 12 meters (depends upon approval from local land department)
- Building Area coverage: maximum 70%.

Zone 6: Dark Brown color
- 40 to 80 meters above the Sea level.
- Building height: maximum 8 meters.
- Building Area coverage: maximum 60%.
- Gradient / slope more than 19 degrees or 35%: Building (or modification of existing) is not permitted!

Zone 7: Dark green color
- 80+ meters above Sea level.
- Building (or modification of existing): Not allowed.

Zone 8: Light brown color
- none of the above.
- Building height: maximum 23 meters.
- Building area coverage: maximum 70%.

Color Codes:
Below you will find a short description of the Zoning colors (Colors are different from the building regulations):
Yellow Zone: Low density populated area.
Orange Zone: Medium density populated area.
Red Zone: High density populated area.
Purple Zone: Industrial + warehouse area.
Light Purple Zone: Special industrial area.
Dark Green Zone:Rural and agricultural area. 
Light Green Zone: Open area for recreation and conservation of environment.
Light Green with White Stripe Zone: National Park area.
White Zone: on some maps: National Park / White color, instead of the Light Green with White stripe.
Olive Green Zone: Educational institution.
Light Brown Zone: Thai culture promotional area.
Light Gray Zone: Religious institution.
Navy Blue Zone: Government office or public utility area.
Pink Zone: Communication and transportation.   --   Thailand/search--a-land/

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