Real estate design: Are you Starck or Garcia?

Real estate design: Are you Starck or Garcia?

 Photo Real estate design: Are you Starck or Garcia?

Design and real estate are inherently intertwined, This is why at JFTB Real Estate we are passionate about design.

Two decorators, two atmospheres, two audiences: Philippe Starck and Jacques Garcia reign supreme over the empire of pure Parisian design. No fewer than sixteen places in the capital bear their imprint, whether they are palaces or luxury restaurants.

Starck or Garcia? Between these two stars of decoration, the heart of Paris swings. The first, gruff, is often thrown away, with his beard of three days, his biker's outfit and Jasmine on his arm, his wife. The second, false air of Jacques Perrin, with white hair, dyed tanned and costume of gentleman-farmer, cultivates a polite smile. Both embody two radically opposing and yet terribly Parisian tendencies. It is impossible to escape their aesthetic empire, since, over the last fifteen years, they have taken control of all the renovations of the largest establishments in the capital. If they are part of the double Parisian tradition - past and modern - they display an easily identifiable style. To each his vocabulary, composed of icons objects, Which makes say to those who cross their door: " It's Starck! "Or" It's Garcia! " "

Philippe Starck
Achievements : the first Café Costes (1984), the restaurant of the Hotel Meurice , the Mama Shelter , the new Royal Monceau .

Jacques Garcia
Achievements : Hotel Costes , the renovation of the Royal Monceau (2004) and Le Fouquet 's .

Philippe Starck enjoys playing with all the codes of contemporary design, combining it with the forms of the classical repertoire. Example: the Louis Ghost chair in Plexiglass, which revisits a Louis XVI cabriolet. This crazy of engineering is far from the cold and minimal contemporary line, of which we are today a little tired. It ventures into baroque universes where colors, scales and materials mix, creating surprise every time ... at the risk of falling into caricature and overdose, by overcrowding the ambiences of his creations diffused among the greatest International furniture manufacturers (Kartell, Vitra). We love it (or we hate it) for its great deviations: from the flashy luxury of the Royal Monceau to the comfort "cool attitude" of the Mama Shelter.

For Jacques Garcia, the scheme is quite different. Like the travelers of the Grand Tour in the eighteenth century, he draws on his solid knowledge of the history of art to revisit the centuries. This great lover of royal splendor loves the exuberance, sometimes stifling, which borders on the boudoir cocotte, with its velvet red carmine in abundance and its games of light imitating the sparkling candles. Since the creation of the Hôtel Costes in 1996, the one that marked its exhibition " When Versailles was furnished with silver " in 2007-2008, repeats to infinity a formula that works. From the Grande Armée to the Esplanade, the neo-breweries Garcia / Costes end up resembling each other, from the jewel box to the plate. In spite of their talent, Starck and Garcia canton Paris in their image. In their wake, some decorative architects try to follow the same path. Patrick Jouin takes the lion 's share by multiplying the achievements at the Hotel Plaza Athénée , the future Mandarin Oriental palace and Jules Verne. India Mahdavi made a name for himself at the Café Germain with his Mondrian universe, inhabited by a yellow sculpture by Xavier Veilhan. Christian Liaigre has designed a decor that resembles him, gray and cold, at the Society , Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Paris, finally, is divided into two worlds. Ancient or contemporary? There are those who prefer the classic trend of the great hall of the Four Seasons George V : Aubusson-style tapestries, columns in the Greco-Roman style. Or from the pseudo-Louis XVI salon of the Bristol : copies of Madame Vigée-Lebrun and armchairs with medallions. And those who opt for the design trend: the Hotel Murano , all in white lacquer ( Temple Boulevard, IIIe ) or Hotel Five, all in color ( Flatters Street, Ve ). But this non-style, half-consensual half-seen, does not succeed in ousting Starck and Garcia.

The Parisian places imagined by Starck and Garcia

1. The Meurice. Modern elegance. 

2. The Royal Monceau. Paradoxically, it is Philippe Starck's first major project in Paris, which has designed a pleiad of luxury hotels around the world. At the Royal Monceau, he blithely mixes styles and forms of furniture, books and works of art, orchestrating a subtle play of lighting and mirrors. 

3. The Mama Shelter. An unusual project in the designer's career, this hotel is the "social" answer to its commitment to want to spread "design for all". A stylistic recreation made of graffiti and high tables convivial. 

4. House Baccarat. Capitons, monumental chandelier, "genetically modified" furniture: Starck excels in retro-modern elegance. 

5. Mori Venice Bar. Innovative comfort. 

6. The Good. The restaurant laboratory. 

7. Lounge Eurostar Terminal. The ultra-VIP London antechamber. 

1. Hotel Costes. The flagship address that propelled Jacques Garcia into the Parisian spheres. The all-fashion and the all-show biz comes to coil in its armchairs in fringed red velvet posed on large rugs Oriental style. 

2 The Ruc. Contrast of warm cold between the blue walls duck and olive green, and the traditional red seating which have a more modernist form. The luminous atmosphere is always filtered by the pleated shades. 

3. The Murat. The bourgeois neobrasserie. 1, bd Murat (XVIe).

4. The Grand Army . The Napoleonic and international headquarters. 3, av. Of the Great Army (XVIth) .

5. The Esplanade. A more Empire side facing the Invalides for this place dominated by blue and orange red, and suspensions cast in the cast like guns. 

6. Ladurée. Sweet candy. 

7. The Avenue. The address you have seen me. 

8. The Fouquet's. The excess of the bling. 

9. Hotel Athenee. Confidential and cozy. 


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