Tips for Sale or Rent your Thailand Property

Tips for Sale or Rent your Thailand Property

 Photo Tips for Sale or Rent your Thailand Property
   Property to sell & Rent
If you are looking to sell or rent your Thailand property promptly

By focusing on these main keys: Presentation, choose a realtor to promote and evaluate the just price of your accommodation, the speed of resale your property will be increase. 
Here are 3 tips that all sellers should always consider when selling or renting their condo or villa.

1) Presentation: Is your property looking good?  Put your property in value to make dream the future buyer
First impression is very important. Don't hesitate to refresh your home prior to putting it on the market. A few small changes can make all the difference...To rent or sell quickly your property, it must be estimated at its fair price and put forward all its assets to cause a crush with potential customers. Put your Home in value !
The goal of each visit is simple: your home must be a favorite. To achieve this goal, do not hesitate to ventilate rooms, spaces, remove furniture and objects too bulky and do not forget to make it as neutral as possible to allow potential buyers to project into it. Do not hesitate to remove objects and too personal photos, and make sure that the decoration is as neutral as possible.
Feel free to invest a small percentage of its value in home staging: Home Staging is the preparation of a Property to Rent or to Sell on the real estate market. The purpose of the staging is to make an asset attractive to as many potential customers as possible, thus selling a property faster and more expensive. Staging techniques aim to improve the appeal of a property by transforming it into an attractive product, releasing it to the taste of the moment, so that everyone can want it. People usually use decorating, painting, props, lights, plants and rugs to stage the home and give potential customers a more attractive first impression. It is also better to repaint the walls in white and to repair or replace what may be: a faulty doorbell, the joints in the bathroom, the holes left by the screws in the walls ... future buyers must have the impression that the property is ready to move in and to have only their suitcases to put on.
Don't forget that it is in the first minutes of a visit that a purchase is decided!

2) Go through a real estate agency
This is the assurance that your home has an optimal visibility on the real estate market. The real estate agent will publish an ad on different sites, offer the visit of your home to people in his portfolio who are in research, negotiate with them on your behalf, and put your property forward. It is important to choose an agency that knows its location because the real estate agent has an excellent knowledge of the real estate market, it can inform buyers on its specificities, on shops and transport nearby, and influence their choice.
3) Set a realistic selling price, in accordance with the market
A good real estate agent knows very precisely the real estate market of the city, of the district, knows how to recognise the strengths and the weak points of a housing. He will know how to put it forward and how to optimise it during visits. It will also estimate the value of your home with a precision taking into account all the parameters as varied as the location of the property, its surface, its orientation, the arrangement of rooms, the presence of a parking space, proximity transport, shops and other amenities, the obsolescence of coatings, the age of the electrical system ...
In summary, estimating the price of a property is a trade and the real estate agent will offer you a fair and correct price, which corresponds to its real value and the price at which buyers will be ready to buy it. Do not try to set a price that is out of proportion with the real estate agent's estimation, just leave a little room to negotiate with potential customers.
Evaluate your home objectively: the price will surely be the main factor how quickly you can Sell or Rent your property. Of course, you have an idea of the price of your Real Estate but you have to be sure that your price is realistic. Sometimes it can be hard for an owner to be objective to valuing their own property
That is why it is really important to consult the market and see prices on advertising for similar estates in the same areas and get a truly evaluation from JFTB Realty when they comes to evaluate your property at the right price.  
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